Some buttons that you will lead you to the strawbu nora drip mining software a software in collaboration with strawbu.com, noraverse.io and noracoin.io. When you first come into the mining page, your computer solves a math problem and the software rewards you with coin. If no email is added, the coins get lost. If you you add your email, the coins will be attached to your email. Use these coins inside the game. Go premium to turn on the auto-miner and get millions of coins monthly. This for a limited amount of time as the complexity of the problem and the usage will affect the results.

Game coins mined can be used in the game. This Software as a service game is beta. There is no general customer service. Your strawbu software subscription is compatible with your paypal email. If you just signed up for strawbu software subscription and your account is not upgrade yet, please allow 48 hours for the system to post it and you will be able to log in with the email you used on paypal to signed up with.

Strawbu software as a service may offer third party products. All sales are final with no refund. Strawbu software subscription cancelation takes effect at the end of the current subscription cycle.

Strawbu and noraverse.io offers software as a service. NoraVerse is a game that is beig developed and is currently on version 1.3. The Noraverse game will have cross-platform functionality. Gifts are NFT1's that offer you access keys and goodies that may be compatible with noracoin.network technology. These access keys may be used with compatible Layer 3 noracoin.network technologies.

These gifts come with goodies that may extend access to products offered by third party software and partners. Partners may include, but not limited to, noracoin.io, noracoin.tech, norcoin.network, Full Stack Consulting Inc, fullstackconsultinginc.com, and others. The NFT1 you purchase may have access keys that may be avaivailable cross platform embedded in noracoin.network Layer 3 technology. These access keys may include access to third party products and/or services by third party games and/or software. These gifts will be attached to your email and added to nrtz blockchain.

Goodies are displayed in your goodies bag. This system is beta and further utility is being developed. Goodies bag is currently being developed. The software is a non-constodial system.

We collect your usage data to understand how you use our software and to improve our software. If you do not accept these terms, you are not allowed to use our software.

We appreciate everyone that is using our products. Buy with confidence, we will be giving you great experiences. There are more goodies coming!